Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience

SolidArt offers a professional reporting service to help museums and visitor centres optimise their funding applications and improve visitor engagement, learning and enjoyment.

Visitor Experience Audit Service

The experience provided by museums and visitor centres can often be improved with insights from a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, which may corroborate the thoughts of the museum staff and sometimes expose lacunae in the prevalent understanding of how the visitor experience is working – or not working as hoped or believed.

As a perceptive ‘outsider’ with a clear understanding of the interests and perceptions of different visitor types and targets, and the ability to discern exhibition aims, strengths and weaknesses, SolidArt offers an independent reporting service which will bring out the critical facts of the visitor experience.

A Visitor Experience Report will set out and explain the perceptions received by new visitors, examine the learning and engagement potential presented by the exhibition for different visitor types, and make reasoned recommendations for optimising and improving the visitor experience. This service has proved invaluable for corroborating the thoughts of staff, curators and directors on how to improve their facility, and provided independent justification for funding bids. It adds a thorough and well-reasoned report from a professional perspective, which can be added to visitor survey results when available, to provide considerable additional detail and evidence.

SolidArt offers this professional external reporting service to help museums and visitor centres optimise their funding applications.

Reports are delivered for a fixed price, quoted by project.

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