Building Commissions

Building Commissions

Sustainable customized solutions for heritage sites: ticket offices, museum and visitor centres, classrooms, gift shops, working spaces, garden rooms.  

Unique building solutions for heritage attractions and resorts

Do you need a welcoming ticket/retail kiosk, a café space, eco-friendly offices, self-contained holiday accommodation, or to extend your building?

Or, alternatively, do you need an acoustically insulated interior space?

SolidArt designs and commissions a range of building types for meeting these needs with minimum disruption, at competitive prices without sacrificing quality. All our buildings are designed and built using state-of-the-art efficient construction techniques:

  • Complete buildings/building-sections are constructed off-site in the factory
  • Build quality is maintained under strict quality-controlled factory conditions
  • Site build-up is in distinct, self-contained phases optimised for efficiency and speed
  • Very little mess or waste is generated on site
  • Buildings are supplied with operation and maintenance manuals

We design buildings using proven low-carbon building systems which significantly reduce risk:

  • Energy-efficient designs and low-carbon materials render buildings carbon-neutral or better; they don’t over-heat in summer, stay warm in winter and don’t contribute to global warming
  • Direct design/procurement integration ensures accurate lead-times and prevents cost overruns
  • Building -performance is accurately quantified at design stage and guaranteed fully regulations compliant

The design process:

  1. We meet you to look at building options and define the brief:
    • Ideal floor area needed for the building’s intended use
    • Building features: rooms, windows/doors, orientation, heating, plumbing, electrical
    • Regulations compliance issues (e.g. disabled access)
    • Style/type of building selected from our range
    • Building finishes: roofing, cladding, interior decor, kitchens, bathrooms, fittings
    • Additional provisions: services, accesses, landscaping etc.
    • Budget and lead time
  2. Initial designs and quotation prepared for review by customer¹
  3. Customer approves final designs, quotation, supply contract; first payment billed
  4. Procurement process initiated on receipt of first payment
  5. Preparatory works completed: foundations, services, accesses, landscaping etc.
  6. Interim/stage payments at contract milestones during build progress
  7. Delivery and site works undertaken; final payment upon issue of completion certificate

¹ Design work is billable if not progressed within 30 days

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