West Berkshire Museum Visitor Report

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The museum needed a fresh, perceptive pair of trained eyes to prepare an independent report of the experience currently offered by the museum. Staff already had well formed ideas of what ‘worked’ and didn’t work, but in recognition of their own potential blind spots, commissioned SolidArt to present an informed external view. The report was a fundamental part of a successful application to HLF for funding a major re-design of the museum. Budget: £3,000

Our response:

A documented tour of the museum yielded many missed opportunities, suboptimal display systems and lighting, narrative confusions and other restraints preventing the realisation of the full visitor experience potential. It also set out suggested solutions with indicative budgets, a tendering system and project management framework, all of which were amended to a second draft with input from museum staff, prior to submission with the grant application.


The report was fully enacted and resulted in greatly improved visitor impressions of the museum. Museum staff now have a clearer and more united vision for the museum, which can be reflected effectively in its new narrative layout and create coherant and satisfying visitor experiences.