Slough Museum

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Scheduled for demolition, Slough museum needed re-inventing for the relocation to its new home in 2016. It was to be housed in eight exhibition pods on different floors within The Curve Library and cultural centre. Budget £75,000.

Our response:

Adding to research available, SolidArt conceived the theme for each of the eight spaces, weaving the narrative from pod to pod, to interpret the story of Slough. We constructed each pod, creating an immersive space, engaging visitors with the use of graphics panels, designed by us. Each panel is easily removable for updates to the exhibition. One pod, very popular with local residents, features an enlargement of an original negative of the now-demolished Granada picture-house interior to recreate the experience of entering the cinema.


Slough residents are thrilled to see the history of their town brought to life, many of whom were not previously aware of its achievements and national significance.