Oxfordshire Museum (Woodstock) Dinosaur Gallery

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Client’s brief:

Woodstock museum sought to refurbish a room that had been used for family and schools activities, and to turn it into a gallery telling the story of Oxfordshire’s dinosaurs. It was important that there continued to be activities for children, but also plenty for parents!

Our response:

The client had an idea of creating an ‘interactive wall’, which we developed to incorporate life-sized dinosaur heads bursting though, with a dinosaur feeding game, sounds of Jurassic Oxfordshire, quizzes and interpretation panels telling the story. We supplemented it with murals of Jurassic Oxfordshire populated with carnivorous, herbivorous and aquatic dinosaurs, 3D models and a video presentation.

The feedback:

Woodstock’s curator reports that the gallery is now their most popular gallery, and is always occupied by visitors. Schools make regular trips there, and parents often return with their families at the childrens’ insistence.