Bespoke design and development services for cultural and heritage locations

SolidArt provides all you need to transform your space and inspire your audience.

About Us

Philip Clayden founded SolidArt in 2009 as a result of the successful collaboration of ten freelancers on a project to redesign Malmesbury’s Athelstan museum. Realising we had worked so well together and exceeded our client's expectations by such a long way, it made sense to do it again.

Since then, SolidArt has designed for museums, public parks, nature reserves and shared spaces, each time bringing together a tailor-made team of experienced professionals with the specialist skills relevant to each project.

Philip has also developed the ARC-haus eco building, so now our expertise lies not only in scoping museum and heritage exhibition projects, but SolidArt also provides beautiful, sustainable, modular building solutions; designing and manufacturing green buildings such as classrooms, ticket offices, administration spaces, gift shops, holiday accommodation and visitors centres, plus modular sound-proofed meeting rooms such as the office system created for Google.

With a firm footing in joinery, high-quality furniture design is an integral part of what we do at SolidArt. From chairs, pews, display cabinets, av units, outdoor benches and tables to signage and gates, the manufacturing of which is always professionally managed. Our clients range from museums and heritage sites to churches, charities, hospitals, councils and private estates.

From crafting bespoke pieces to redesigning a large-scale exhibition, we enjoy taking a holistic approach; conceptual development, research and interpretation, artistic services, display, design and fabrication are all joined seamlessly to interpret your vision. With 3D CAD, project management, supply chain management and communications expertise provided in-house, SolidArt takes responsibility for the clarity and dynamism needed to power every project to a successful conclusion.

We take pride in meeting deadlines on time and on budget and we are committed to achieving excellent value for money. In SolidArt we like to think you will find a safe and reliable partner for delivering design, manufacturing, supply and fit-out programs from concept through to completion.